E88 2022 New 4k HD flight time 45 min Four axis aircraft ricambi drone 4drc v4 droni gps drone kf102 8k

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E88 2022 New 4k Hd Flight Time 45 Min Four Axis Aircraft Ricambi Drone 4drc V4 Droni Gps Drone Kf102 8k - Bu Ricambi Drone 4drc V4,Drone Kf102 8k,E88 Product | Drones......

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Model Number
Plastic, Rubber, Aluminum/Allo
Headless mode, Altitude Hold Mode, 3D View Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, with G-sensor, 3D flip, One Ke Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, Voice control, With Remote Control, Without Remote Control, Foldable, Rise and fall, turn left and right, Forward, Back, Left, Right side fling, Fast and slow control, One button reverse, photograph, videotape, Dual Camera switching, speech recognition, Gesture photograph, For Helicopter, With Hd Camera, With Wifi Camera, For Airplane, With Brushless Motor, With Led Light, Remote Control
Operator Skill Level
Control Tpe
Hand Control
image transmission distance
fuselage folding
one button take-off
one button landing
optical flow height setting
WiFi link
app operation
daling lights
gesture photograph
gesture recording
intelligent portrait recognition following
3D tumbling
headless mode