Beast 3E SG906 MAX2 drone 4k HD GPS flight time 30min Flight distance 4000m drone with camera hd drone with hd camera and gps

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Beast 3e Sg906 Max2 Drone 4k Hd Gps Flight Time 30min Flight Distance 4000m Drone With Camera Hd Drone With Hd Camera And Gps - Bu Drone With Hd Camera And Gps,Drone With Camera Hd,Drone 4k Product | Drones......

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Place of Origin
Guangdong, China
Model Number
Beast 3E SG906 MAX2
Headless mode, Altitude Hold Mode, 3D View Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, with G-sensor, 3D flip, One Ke Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, Voice control, With Remote Control, Without Remote Control, Foldable, One ke return, Gesture recognition, Route multi-point planning flight, Fixed-point surround, Retrieve the aircraft, GPS one ke return to takeoff point, Low power return, Return without signal, GPS intelligent following, Image following, identif the shooting object and perform automatic, Gesture shooting recognition, Fixed point surround, Aircraft retrieval function, Pictures, music and video sharing can be added, music sharing can be added, video sharing can be added, Pictures sharing can be added, 4K adjustable camera, HD version, visual obstacle avoidance, 7.4v plug-in intelligent lithium batter
image capture resolution
Operator Skill Level
Control Tpe
Hand Control
image transmission distance
Three - axis mechanical self - stabiliing head
Obstacle avoidance detection range
Control distance
Brushless Motor
Flight time
About 30 min
Capacit of smart lithium batter
7.4V 5000mAh
Hand gesture shooting
video reconiation
Video resolution
Photo resolution